A Place of Peace Sanctuary & Wellness Center in Ventura
supporting Synergistic Wellbeing from inside out

Synergy is the interaction of combined efforts being greater than the parts...
from the Greek word synergia συνέργια meaning "working together".  
We work as a team to offer you the best possible care.

Matt Bryant, Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist   805.844.111
Dr. DREAM and Laura Eisenhower - www.HealthyFamilyNOW.com  928.254.9449
Shelley Hurguy, RN, MSN, CHHC  805.765.7387

Shelley is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC).  She trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and has a Master’s Degree in Nursing.  She has been practicing anesthesia as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for 16 years.  As a holistic health coach with an extensive background in western medicine, Shelley offers an integrative approach to health and wellness promotion.  She leads workshops and offers individual, as well as group health and nutrition coaching.  She specializes in helping busy moms make gradual lifestyle changes that promote life balance and personal well-being.

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   Counseling . Massage . Skin Care . Meditation . Astrology Charts  . Reiki . Tarot . Essential Oils
     a place to journey  .          AromaTouch . Energy Work . Naturopathy . Weddings . Course in Miracles . Acupuncture  

Our Vision is to offer a "Place" for like minded people to come together for all things supporting Wholeness of Body, Mind and Spirit - all things regarding Love, Peace, Healing, and Personal Growth.

We embrace Multifaith/Spiritual/Metaphysical Circles, Meditation Circles, Classes, Groups, Counseling and Guidance, Body Therapies, Community.... 
A Place of Peace provides a synergistic Sanctuary of Peace: personal guidance, community connection, spiritual and metaphysical education, spiritual and personal development - empowerment.  

We provide a place for people to come together for inspiration, creation and service – to raise consciousness toward balance and healing.

Balanced and harmonious individuals create stable families and stable families become viable members in their community and society as a whole. It does take a village to change the world! At A Place of Peace we begin one by one – one service at a time, one session, one meditation, one lecture, one massage, one class…. We are a community within the community for the community – a “Place” to journey: emotionally, spiritually and personally - a home for body/mind/soul.

A Message from Rev. Teri – 9/14

Pax, Shalom, Aloha, Namaste...

The fall is here - where has time gone?  I trust your summer was relaxing and hopefully rejuvenating - rowing in love, experiencing happiness, moving in peace, and awakening to the many blessings of life unfolding.  

We are grateful to be thriving and expanding here at A  Place of Peace.   We continue to welcome new therapists who join our senior practitioners in our Sanctuary and Wellness Center - awesome folks with huge hearts and a devotion to healing and peace that is inspiring.  Together we are here for you so please don't hesitate to call if we can be of service.  In addition to our regular work with private clients, we are preparing to develop a retreat for those interestred in a more intensive experience. Shall we add Retreat Center to our name : )   I will keep you posted.

We shared our first Women's night out on the 3rd and it was so heartening to be in the company of wise women commited to personal empowerent and support of one another.  Doug is putting out feelers to the men for a Men's Group.  Maybe we'll get both groups together along the way and find ouir samenesses?  

Doug and I love our work with couples as always. I contine to be blessed in my Sunday Circle, Meditations, Ministry and Counseling.  Our team offers profound synergistic work with clients and we are humbled to be part of the healing of our planet.  If you haven't stopped by, we welcome you any time.  Bring your joys and sorrows, your desires and contributions, your body aches, your emotional and spiritual quiries, your inspiration and your beautiful energy to join us and continuallyu re-create us.

Our core, our Sunday Circle, continues to offer a weekly respot for meditation, reflection, gentle wisdom, community, and caring/sharing - you are always welcome.  I'm still loving the weddings I gratefully officate.  A Course in Miracles continues to inspire me and the others in our group to grow in the awareness of love's presence.  Classes are expanding, circles are forming - Peace abounds!!!!

We all thank you from our hearts for your friendship, your support and your presence.

May Love, Peace, the Joy of Gratitude, and Oneness  fill our lives and our world!

Personally, I continue to experience deep gratitude for each moment spent and each heart encountered at A Place of Peace - so many beautiful spirits! My hopes and dreams for A Place of Peace continue to materialize,

Peace to your heart! Teri

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A Place of Peace is within you!  


Welcome to our site. Thank you for stopping by. We always have something going on at A Place of Peace - browse our site to find out more of what we are doing.

Practioners from the area are welcome to hold their Workshops, Seminars, Retreats and Classes at A Place of Peace.
Please call for information and schedule availability (805)~794~9878 or email teri@aplaceofpeace.org

We are also available for Weddings. Memorials, and Non-traditional Ceremonies.  Rev. Teri 805.794.9878
All Welcome here